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SirviS joins Acronis’ #TeamUp Program to support cyber protection partnerships

Updated: Feb 7

SirviS joins Acronis’ #TeamUp Program to support cyber protection partnerships with world-class sports teams.

Master Services Provider becomes the latest company to join the #CyberFit movement

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado, June 16, 2022 – Today, SirviS, Master Services Provider, is proud to join Acronis’ #TeamUp program, an exclusive offer to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to join Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, in working with world-class sports teams to keep all parties’ data safe and #CyberFit. This program provides SirviS with a new level of exposure and benefits within both the worlds of cybersecurity and sports.

SirviS is excited to join the Acronis family today, and begin the robust duties that face an MSP in the Acronis #TeamUp program. As a top-performing MSP, SirviS is a proud leader and provider ESG / Sustainability, Professional Services and Managed Solutions. Now, as an official Acronis #CyberFit Partner, SirviS is eager to enter the world of sports and partner with Acronis on supporting sports teams around the world.

Dean Hale President of SirviS stated, “The Acronis SirviS partnership is the perfect symbiotic relationship. Both companies see the sum of both parts as critical to building lasting customer relationships through a powerful technological ecosystem.” Hale added, “Our customers are the ultimate beneficiary of the new partnership, which strengthens our managed solutions offerings, professional services deliverables and ESG | Sustainability and SirviS Interact practices, globally.”

Sports teams around the world choose Acronis Cyber Protect, an innovative Machine Intelligence (MI) enhanced solution that integrates data protection with cybersecurity, prevents cyberattacks, and helps teams avoid downtime. Acronis combines automation and integration, ensuring the prevention, detection, response, recovery, and analysis needed to safeguard all workloads while streamlining protection efforts. Acronis cyber protection provides the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security (SAPAS) services required to protect the modern sport.

“We are excited to welcome SirviS to the Acronis team of MSPs today, as growing this channel is a major focus in 2022,” said Pat Hurley, Vice President and General Managers, Americas at Acronis. “Acronis offers very unique opportunities to service providers, that they can leverage to grow their business and reach significant marketing exposure of their solutions and services through the sports ecosystem.”

The Acronis #TeamUp initiative is open to all service providers looking for innovative ways to grow their business with Acronis and tap into the exciting world of sports marketing.

To learn more about the Acronis #TeamUp Program, please visit

About SirviS

SirviS is a Master Service Provider that delivers fully managed, project-based Professional Services, expert Managed Services, and ESG Sustainability Solutions to a wide range of clients, globally. Please visit: or call 877-4-SIRVIS. To learn more about SirviS’s exclusive North American Distribution of SirviS Interact, please visit:


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