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Xstream SD-WAN in SFOS v19

Written by Chris McCormack

March 17, 2022

Sophos Firewall OS v19 includes several new innovations. In this blog series leading up to the general release of v19 in April, we will explore some of these great new features in more detail.

Xstream SD-WAN is a collection of powerful new capabilities in SFOS v19, that along with features in Sophos Central and our existing hardware line, deliver the best SD-WAN solution available in a Firewall today.

n this article, we will have a closer look at SD-WAN Profiles and Performance-based link selection as well as real-time monitoring and logging.

SD-WAN Profiles and Performance based Link Selection

SFOS v19 introduces a new SD-WAN link management solution for easily setting up WAN routing strategies. SD-WAN profiles define a routing strategy across multiple WAN link gateways (with support for up to 8 WAN links) enabling seamless and efficient rerouting of application connections based on WAN Link performance with zero impact.